Hi Dreamers

This is tough…. We want to start with how much we love you all and how much we appreciate your support and love over the past 10 years. It is with great sadness that we must let you know that Dragon Dreaming Festival will not go ahead in 2019.

Working as a not for profit collective takes a lot of dedication and commitment, and we have struggled of late. It has impacted on us both mentally and physically. The intensity of delivering this work, along with the current political pressures from the NSW Government, have impacted on and fractured us to a point where we need to take a step back, and let the Dragon rest.

The Dragon crew all have full time jobs and family commitments, and along with the extended timeframe required to make the changes to the festival and the DA needed to meet local and state government approvals, we feel it will be physically impossible to undertake this amount of work for the 2019 festival.

We’ve worked very hard, collaborating closely with authorities to create a safe, constructive and amenable space which can be enjoyed by all. But these relationships require further investment, as do safety improvements to the festival site to achieve support from the authorities. The changes we need to implement to meet all development approvals will take us at least another six months, and it is too difficult to meet the conditions set forth in recommendations within such a short timeframe.

The Dragon crew have committed their time voluntarily since 2007 to weave a diverse community together through the joy and excitement of music, art, performance, and learning opportunities. Together we’ve created a space that has seen our amazing community participate, volunteer, engage in work experience, enter your dream tertiary course or career, and develop and grow your businesses. We’ve seen kids grow into young adults, lovers meet, couples marry and Dragon babies both conceived at and born into the Dragon community. We’ve worked tirelessly to support the local economy of the Yass region, to include the local Wee Jasper community and to introduce people from around the globe to one of the most amazing natural landscapes – the shimmering Lake Burrinjuck, its rolling green hills and surrounding mountains – that special place in our hearts.

We honour and respect you, our beautiful co-dreamers, and as per our cancellation policy will offer full refunds to anyone wishing to return their ticket. All rerfunds requests processed by the 20th July will be actioned on the 1st of August 2019. All refund requests received after 20th July will be actioned on the 1st September 2019

We know how much Dragon means to you and have a favour to ask if you can help. As always we figure honesty is the best policy, so here it is:

The costs involved in engaging expert assistance and consultants and undertaking the additional work to ensure we obtain all approvals have been ludicrous and we will need to pay these regardless of what happens from here on in.

Given this, we would like to ask that, if you would like to see Dragon come back strong, and if you would like to continue to dream with us, that you consider donating part or all of your ticket purchase to help us cover the costs. You can do this by not registering for a refund or requesting a partial refund of the full price you paid in the portal.

All the details will be on our website about when refunds open in the near future. We are heartbroken and know you will be too, but we look forward to dreaming with you again soon.

Whether you’ve worked, performed, played, danced, attended a workshop, shared a quiet chai by the lake or dove head first into the amazing and beautiful chaos that is Dragon Dreaming Festival…. thank you, we are working on a bright new future.


Dragon Dreaming Crew

Video: Moja Film