Dragon Dreaming Festival Wee Jasper, NSW, Australia

1 - 4 April 2022

Video: Moja Film

Due to the current COVID case numbers, lockdowns, border closures, and an overarching willingness to deliver a high-quality festival experience that does not sacrifice in what we expect from the Dragon Dreaming Festival, we will be postponing till April 1st – 4th 2022.

This decision to postpone is not made lightly, but after deep discussions with both contractors and government authorities, we do not wish to put extra pressure on the already stretched front line workers we need to contract to safely deliver the event. We also choose to tread carefully with the risk of exposure caused by a mass influx of participants from around the country to our amazing regional hosts of Wee Jasper/Yass Valley. 

Therefore it is with great pleasure that we announce that the Dragon Dreaming Festival 2021 will now be happening in 2022, in collaboration with the Regrowth Tree Planting Festival!

After years of rest, we return with an even more refined vision to come together for celebration, sharing and giving back to the country that holds us. This new vision has come about with the exciting amalgamation between the not-for-profit Dragon Dreaming Festival and that of the Regrowth Tree planting festival (REGEN Eco-projects).

We are now one and ready to bring you a ‘leave a positive trace’ festival that we can all be part of. This means that the Dragon Dreaming Festival will now add to the 73,000 native plants we have planted together to date at Regrowth Festivals.

Of course, we will continue to bring you the amazing festival experience you have come to expect, presenting diverse music over four days from live bands to live electronic music, performers, interactive arts, expression and learning spaces, art gallery, cinema, markets, healing space and kids’ space.

We recognise that we are a community of individuals who prefer to weave positive projects with your festival celebration - and we are honored to make that change with you. Going forward Dragon Dreaming is committed to the positive growth and experience of our community through expression, learning and engagement, and to RE-GENerate through tree-planting native vegetation at the festival site and beyond for the benefit of our Australian flora and fauna.

Tickets will go on sale on the 3rd or September 2021 at 6pm AEST for $385.

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