Hatchling Artist Competition

The Dragon Dreaming Festival Hatchling Artist competition aims to unleash a single artist or group of artists in the following fields:

  • Producer
  • DJ
  • Performer (staged or roving)
  • Visual artist (Gallery)
  • Hand-made/Jeweller (3 winners - one stall)
  • Photographer
  • Art Install (stand alone art install)

We want this prize to create a platform for your future career in the field of your choice. The prize that is offered for all the above consists of the following:

  • An opportunity to perform/exhibit at 2024 edition of the Dragon Dreaming Festival, Wee Jasper NSW
  • An entry performance/exhibiting fee of $250 (ex. hand-made jeweller and may cover costs for Art install)
  • 1 set of Audio-Technica headphones for all winners
  • A photo package of your set or your art at the festival from one of our booked photographers
  • 3 short reel videos of your set or your art at the festival from one of our booked photographers
  • 1 mentorship meeting with a professional in your field post event (ex. hand-made clothes / jeweller)
  • Will provide a 3x6m covered stall space for 3 winners to share/run space together (hand-made jewellers only - see terms and conditions)

Voting for a new up and comer Hatchling can win you a prize too! Your community vote for the finalists in each field will put you in a random draw to win:

  • 1 x Double pass to the festival
  • 1 x Audio-Technica Sound Burger Portable Bluetooth turntable (AT-SB727)
  • 1 x Pair of true wireless earbuds (ATH-CKS5TW)

Vote for entrants

Thanks to our sponsors and mentors:

Pspiralife Karina Flow Visionary Art by Messiah Mikey Hearson Amigo and Amigo


  • Read the full terms and conditions of the competition
  • This competition starts 9am AEDT on April 22nd 2024 and submissions close at midnight AEDT on June 1st, 2024
  • All artists must upload their music/art/performance/video/handmade products through the website portal in your specific category.
  • The top ten finalists (Most votes) in each category will be chosen by our community through a poll hosted on the Dragon Dreaming Website.
  • The community poll is updated every Sunday with new submissions to vote on. The community poll will stay open till the 14th of June 2024 (14 days after cut off of submissions).
  • Community survey will provide a multiplier of 1.5 x per vote for gender diversity (only in music) and 1.5 across all competitions to promote indigenous participation.
  • The winners for the 10 finalists (highest community vote) in each category will then be chosen by professionals from the DDF committee and members
  • The winners will be announced in accordance with the General Terms & Conditions in the week of July 1, 2024.
  • Winners will be responsible for making their way to and from the festival.
  • The prize is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
  • No replacement will be offered in the event that the prize cannot be claimed on the stipulated dates.
  • The community decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • As a winner, you will be representing Dragon Dreaming at this event. As such you are obligated to behave responsibly and professionally and comply with the rules and requests from Dragon Dreaming Festival and the event organisers ask of you. You must adhere to DDF code of conduct. This includes turning up on time, sticking to your designated area and not being a brat.
  • The Hatchling Artist Agreement and General Competition terms and conditions apply to this competition.
  • The single mentorship session will be delivered in person or by video link and must be booked directly with the mentor.
  • The Handmade and jeweller competition is strictly for small independent (actually hand-made) artists. The 3 successful artists will share the space and responsibilites of filling and presenting their gear in a 6x3 marquee provided by DDF (power included). DDF have no responsibility running the space or handling money or sales or providing any infrastructure bar the tent and power. Collaboration is key.
  • For those that are entering the competition we recommend buying your festival tickets (capped numbers in 2024) if you wish to come and we will make a refund if you are the successful artist in your field.

How to apply for each category:

  • Producer - apply through Musicians application
  • DJ - apply through Musicians application
  • Performer (staged or roving) - apply through Performers application
  • Visual artist - apply through Gallery Artist application
  • Hand-made/Jeweller - apply through Clothing and Lifestyle Market application
  • Photographer - apply through Media Photo/Video application
  • Art Install (stand alone art install) - apply through Art Installs application