Harm Reduction

At Dragon Dreaming Festival we care about keeping you safe

Dragon Dreaming Festival has engaged a medical team to be on site for the duration of the festival to keep you and your friends healthy during your time with us. Additionally, we have the crew from DanceWize NSW, security professionals and NSW Police on site to ensure that we all stay as safe as possible.

What is DanceWize NSW

DanceWize NSW utilises peers to reduce drug-and-alcohol-related harm at NSW dance parties and festivals. Their staff and volunteers are recruited from the festival, rave, doof, and dance music communities. They are a confidential and nonjudgmental service that you can feel comfortable coming to with any issues, because wherever you are, chances are they have been there too.

They provide education on safer partying and safer drug use, roving teams to make sure everyone is okay throughout the festival and they host a care space if you need somewhere safe to recover for a bit.

If you would like to volunteer with us or to find out more, check them out at: DanceWize NSW

How you can help us have a safe event

Seek help

If you or your friends feel unwell, or something isn't right. Come to DanceWize or medical. Medical staff and DanceWize are confidential services. You won't get in trouble for seeking help.

Need help? Go to medical.

Need help? Ask someone in high vis for support.

Avoid dangerous combinations

The effects of alcohol and other drugs can be unpredictable when you mix them. It's important to be aware of which combos are more dangerous. This also goes for medications that you may be prescribed. Check out this chart, and chat to DanceWize NSW to find out more.

It's a marathon not a race. Start low go slow!

Drugs & Heat

Taking MDMA can increase your body temperature, potentially damaging your organs, including your brain. It is important to stay cool when taking MDMA. MDMA is much more likely to cause damage if taken in the heat of the day. Stay cool, take breaks from dancing and drink plenty of water - 1 cup of water per hour when resting, or 2 cups per hour when dancing. Beer or other alcohol is not an appropriate substitute for water.

Don't drop it when it's hot

Drugs & heat don't mix

Surround yourself with trusted mates

Partying is always better with good mates around you. Check in with your mates to make sure they're doing okay. Make sure you each know your mate's plans, and don't be afraid to pull your mate up if you think they've had enough.

Look after your mates

Avoid using alcohol and other drugs if your mood is low or you're feeling unwell

Your mood and physical wellbeing have a massive impact on the way any substance will affect you. It's not a good idea to try to use alcohol or other drugs to lift your mood if you're feeling down - they could make it much worse.


Plan a safe way to get home from the festival. Check the bus and train timetables, or make sure you have money for a cab. If you're partying a long way from home, find alternative accommodation like a mate's couch or a hotel room. Never drink/drug drive.

Eat, rest, hydrate

No matter whether you choose to use substances or not, a big day partying in the sun is going to take it out of you. Make some time between acts to have a rest and get some food. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking half a litre of water per hour while dancing, and about half that when resting. There's free water at the bars and DanceWize NSW.

Drink plenty of water! There is free water available on-site!

Love safe

Sometimes you meet new friends when you're out partying, and alcohol and other drugs can influence your decision making. If you're hooking up with someone, make sure they're as keen as you are - seek enthusiastic consent. Condoms and other safer sex resources can be picked up for free from DanceWize NSW.

If you ever feel unsafe or you need support, speak to a security guard or come to DanceWize NSW next to the medical tent. We will provide a safe space for you to talk, or not talk, about your experience. We're here to help.