Frequently Asked Questions


Is there free entry for under 12s?

Yes, however, minors must be accompanied by at least one responsible adult at all times. Dragon Dreaming staff do not consider 18 year old friends to be responsible adults so please ensure all supervision is adequate and age appropriate.

Are there locals tickets?

We offer discounted tickets to Wee Jasper/Yass locals (with a postcode of 2582). Email [email protected] with a scan of your licence to organise.

Are there tickets available on the gate?

CURRENTLY (as of 1:00pm 31 March) there are a small number of tickets available for purchase on the gate at $400. A very small number of early entry (Thursday) passes are also available on the gate. We will announce on socials and update this page if and when they are no longer available. 

Do I get a free ticket because my birthday is during the event?

No, but we will throw one cranking party for your celebration.

Is this festival suitable for children?

Dragon Dreaming is a welcoming space for both the young and young at heart. We have a dedicated children’s area with activities and workshops and a wonderful bush environment to explore and play within. Children do need to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. 

Can I transfer my ticket to a friend or get a refund?

Name changes are not allowed on tickets, however we will refund your ticket if you can no longer attend, in accordance with our ticket terms and conditions. Refunds are processed via the "update order" button in your ticket email.

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes. The name on your ID must match the name on the ticket or entry may be refused.

When and how will I receive my ticket?

Your ticket(s) will be emailed upon purchase to the account you registered when you purchased the tickets.

Can I work for a ticket?

Like all events, Dragon needs a team of fearless volunteers for various tasks on the weekend. Applications will open in August. Meanwhile, go ahead and buy your ticket now so we can refund it later in exchange for your work.


How do I get there?

Dragon Dreaming is held at Cooradigbee Homestead, 542 Caves Rd, Wee Jasper.  See for the site location, including other campsites in the Wee Jasper valley.

Can I swim in the lake?

Of course! The festival is held on the shore of Lake Burrinjuck and the waters are usually the perfect temperature for swimming. We'll have lifeguards stationed at the water's edge during daylight hours, and ask that you refrain from swimming after dark for your own safety. Children must be supervised in the water at all time.

Can I bring a campervan/caravan?

Yes but please follow the specific instructions of traffic wardens on site. Parts of the site are not suitable for heavy or towed vehicles, which could get bogged. Our staff know where access is best, so listen to their advice.

Can I hire accommodation on site?

Sadly this is not a service we will be able to provide at the 2022 event. But we can promise incredible sunrises, lake views, and more stunning scenery at your camp site!

Can I bring my gas stove?

In the case of a total fire ban, gas cookers will not be permitted at the event unless professionally fitted to a campervan or part of a food stall. Keep an eye on the event page for updates closer to the event.

Nearest place to refuel/buy groceries

Yass is the closest town to grab some cash, supplies and petrol.

Do the gates close overnight?

Yes. To reduce the risks of driver's fatigue, this year we'll be closing our gates overnight each night. Please plan ahead so that you arrive during gate open times and are able to make it into the event. Gate open and close times are as follows:

  • Thursday: EARLY ENTRY TICKET HOLDERS ONLY. Gates open 10am and close 10pm
  • Friday: gates open 9am and close 12am Saturday morning
  • Saturday: gates open 10am and close at 10pm
  • Sunday: gates open 10am and close 6pm
  • Monday: GATES CLOSED

When do gates open?

Gates open 9am Friday 1st April. Please don’t arrive earlier (unless you have an EARLY ENTRY PASS, the last few are still available to buy and allow you entry from 10am Thursday 31st March). There are several campsites nearby operated by the Community organisation Wee Jasper Reserves. The nearest campground is Carey's Reserve. Details are available at

When must we leave?

As much as we’d love to dream together forever, everyone must vacate the site by midday Tuesday 05 April.


How do I get involved?

Applications for volunteers, and coffee stalls are still open! head to the 'Apply' tab at the top of this page to make a submission. All other roles are filled, however, keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements if something becomes available. 


Can I bring my dog?

We know you love your pet too much to place it in a confusing and scary environment with loud noises, flashing lights and too many people so we won’t take that question seriously. If you’re stuck, there are kennels for your pooch in Yass.

Can I bring my own soundsystem?

We’re going to stick up for your sleepy neighbours and say no. Nobody wants to hear your track selection at a festival unless you were booked to play on a stage.

Can I bring alcohol?

Dragon Dreaming is a BYO event and no alcohol can be purchased on site. We strongly encourage all patrons to be responsible with the consumption of alcohol and warn that drunkenness is not considered a defense under our ‘no dickheads’ policy. NO GLASS. Please help keep our site safe.

Can I bring my own generator?

No. Generators are both a fire hazard and make you an obnoxious neighbour. Those people next to you REALLY do not want to be woken by the noise or exhaust fumes in their tent. Any generators found on site will be confiscated and kept in a secure location awaiting collection as you exit the festival.

What should I bring?

Food and drink (they will be available on site but you may want to bring some snacks and your favourite beverage). Adequate shelter- not only your tent but don’t forget a tarp or marquee to sit under with your mates. Hat and sunblock. Your best attitude. Clothing for all weather. Money- there are no ATMs on site. Tent, sleeping gear and communal shelter. Torch, batteries. Don’t forget your eski and toothbrush! FABULOUS COSTUMES! Reusable water bottle/container. Butt bin if you are a smoker. An open heart, and care and consideration for your fellow dreamers - we all need to look after each other!


Is there drinking water on site?

There will be plenty of drinking water available on site for free so please bring your reusable water bottle.

Will there be showers?

There are no showers on site. While there is a refreshing lake for swimming, we ask patrons not use any detergent or washing products in the water to get clean.

Is there mobile reception?

Tune in and drop out, they say, and we agree. You will be unable to check your Instagram, Facebook or Tinder while at Dragon. Did that cute guy/girl you stalked for weeks text back after you finally had the courage to reach out yesterday? Who knows? Live in the now and with the fact you won’t be checking your phone for a few days. Dragon staff will have access to communications for emergencies. Please do not hesitate to reach out to a crew member if required.

Are there ATMs on site?



I have more questions that aren't answered here!

If you have a question relating to your ticket or a refund, please email [email protected]. If you have another query that you haven't been able to find an answer to, please email us at [email protected]. We will do our best to get back to you in a reasonable timeframe.